There are certain rules and regulations that you must be aware of regarding burials. For example, in all churchyards permission must be obtained from the Vicar to erect a gravestone, and this is done by submitting a CR1 application. In the case of council run cemeteries gravestone applications must also be submitted for permission. We will process this application on your behalf and can explain the fees required. Cemeteries

A cemetery is usually owned by the local council, and while there may be a building of worship within the grounds, they are not churches. Cemetery regulations allow more freedom when it comes to design, size, shape, material, colour and inscription. They are also open to everyone, regardless of faith. Churchyards

In a churchyard the land is usually owned by the adjoining or neighbouring church. Churchyard rules can differ throughout the UK.

  • Inscriptions must be compatible with Christianity.
  • Kerb-sets are no longer permitted.
  • Stones must be non-reflective (not polished).
  • Ceramics and painted colours are not permitted.
  • Ask us about other rules in the local area

Although these rules may seem restrictive, you can overcome them by applying for special permission. While churches strive to continue traditions, they do positively encourage creativity. If you are granted permission to install a gravestone that doesn’t meet standard rules and regulations, your church reserves the right to move it in the future.