A gravestone gives you one last chance to memorialise a loved one who has passed away. It’s a permanent tribute to their life that will remain for many years to come so choosing the right one is paramount. We are happy to advise on all aspects and will be patient and accommodating whilst you consider the options available. In times of emotional turmoil making this sort of decision can be difficult. Please read through the following which we hope will help in this process.

Types of Gravestone

The type of gravestone you choose should represent the deceased’s personality and complement the epitaph. It’s important to think about how much text or images you’d like before you make your decision. This will ensure you have enough space to present your message in a smart and sophisticated manner. We will provide a “draft copy” so that you can visualise the choice before we proceed. There are many different types of gravestone available in all sorts of shapes, sizes and materials and each one can be customised to create something completely unique. Read our guide to inscriptions on another page.


Upright gravestones are the most common. In most circumstances they are tall, thick and rounded with a concrete base. They are usually around three feet high by two and a half feet wide by one foot deep. Upright gravestones are made from a wide selection of materials, most commonly granite and marble and we can show you a wide selection.

Flat Tablet

These simple gravestones which tend to be rectangular, are either flush with the ground or raised very slightly to allow water to run off. They are usually cheaper than other gravestones and contain little information in comparison. Flat or ground level gravestones are usually made from either granite or bronze. Painted designs or lettering have a very limited life span on these gravestones. We have a selection of these that you can see.

Desk tablet

Also known as as the DVT (Desk vase tablet) gravestone. They resemble miniature upright headstones, though thicker and shorter. They sometimes have a cement or granite foundation to keep them in place.

Second/Additional burials

When you choose your gravestone, try to honour the wishes of the deceased as closely as you can. The type of gravestone you choose can tell people a lot about who’s buried, so keep their personality and taste in mind. Companion gravestones are perfect for those whose wish was to be buried with loved ones. If you’re thinking about cremation for one of your parents after the other has been buried there is an alternative. The cremated remains can be interred in the existing burial plot and a small cremation stone placed in front of the current headstone (subject to cemetery regulations).

Children’s gravestones

Gravestones for children and teenagers are often inspired by their youth. Many infant gravestones are shaped like teddy bears, favourite toys angels and hearts whilst gravestones for teens commonly have carvings that represent their hobbies, such as music notes or cars. Always check the rules and regulations of the cemetery or churchyard particularly if you plan on purchasing something out of the ordinary but we can advise on this and make the relevant enquiries for you.


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