Although granite and bronze gravestones are the easiest to maintain other materials will last as long with proper care and attention. When you’ve chosen the material you’ll then need to select a finish to the stone. This can also have a significant impact on the gravestone’s lifespan and appearance. Talk to us for advice but we offer some guidance below.


Polished gravestones are as smooth and shiny as glass and are permitted in virtually all council run cemeteries. Please note the majority of churchyards will not accept polished gravestones as they prefer a non-reflective finish (see Honed/Pitched below). Polished gravestones require careful and ongoing maintenance to prevent blemishes from occurring and spoiling their appearance.

Part Polished

Part polished gravestones are only glossy on the face of the headstone and the top of the base. Typically, all other surfaces are left with a honed or pitched finish.


Honed finishes are smooth and non-reflective. These almost always allowed in churchyards.


The pitched finish is much rougher than the others and can give a gravestone a unique appeal. This rustic look creates jagged natural edges and helps gravestones fit into older surroundings.