Material plays an important part not only in the style, but also the durability of the gravestone that you choose. Granite, Bronze and Marble are the most commonly used materials in churchyards and cemeteries but we can explain the differences and advice you when we meet.


Granite is the most durable material and can withstand virtually any weather conditions. It’s available in a variety of colours, such as black, red, blue and grey. Granite was traditionally very expensive but is now far more affordable as is a popular choice.


Bronze markers are becoming popular with some local authorities due to their hardy nature. Bronze is resilient and easy to maintain however it’s generally more expensive than granite.


Although marble is strong and looks great it’s not as durable as granite and is more susceptible to weathering. This means that inscriptions will likely fade over time. Marble is generally not permitted in churchyards.


Nabresina is the most commonly used form of limestone and is usually of a light beige colour. It is a durable stone and suitable for most churchyards. Nabresina can make an ideal alternative to a white marble stone and is just as pleasing to the eye. Portland Stone is a widely used material and often just referred to as limestone and is another favourite choice within churches.